Settings for a program are never remembered


CFP , XP sp2 32-bit US-English fully updated, admin user

the settings for my mail program, TheBat, are never remembered. Every time I open it and try to get or send mail, CFP asks me what to do. I configured it as ‘trusted application’, as mail app, as browser etc. , this is remembered in the CFP settings, and I can get & send mail - but only until I close TheBat. When I open it again and try to connect, I’m prompted again. This doesn’t happen for any other app.

Is it possible the problem to be that there is an exclamation mark ! in the full path to the .exe?
Path is Q:\Apps\The Bat!\thebat.exe

Is it a portable version ? 88)

it’s not portable.
App files are not extracted to a temp folder or something, they always stay in the same folder.

it’s surely the exclamation mark [!] in path that causes the problem.
After renaming the folder from “The Bat!” to “The Bat” , settings are remembered permanently.
After putting ! back, I’m prompted what to do after any first connection attempt after a reboot/hibernation/stanby

CFP, XP SP3 32-bit US-English, admin user