Settings : e-mail scan


When CAVS scans incoming e-mails, it’s possible to display an animated icon. Why not adding “display a progress indicator” ?

In scanning outgoing e-mails, why not adding “display an animated icon” ?


Have you selected the tick boxes shown in the screenshot?

If these are selected you should get indicators when CAVS scans incoming and outgoing email.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Yes I have selected both tick boxes.

I dont’ have any problem, it was just a suggestion ( sorry for my english, I’m French ).

When CAVS scan incoming e-mail, I would like to have a progress indicator just like when scanning outgoing e-mail.

I’ve noticed that before, that they are different. It would be nice to have the progress indicator on both, I think…


Yes it would be nice - wonder if the next version will have it…