"Settings" crashing when I try to deactivate administrator mode


I have recently installed the new version of CMS. Hence, I wanted to uninstall the previous one (with the green logo). To do that, I need to deactivate the administrator mode. Problem is, when I touch it to uncheck it, the “Settings” system app just crashes, and that’s only for this app in particular…

Any solution for this issue? Thank you.

I have a OnePlus One under Cyanogen OS 13.1.2 (Android 6.0.1)


we could not re-produce that error on our test devices. Most probably your error is not related to CMS app itself but the Cyanogen OS on your device. When we search through Google, there are many cases (such as Theme issues) causing crashes on Cyanogen devices. If you can get Logcat output from your device we can analyze your case. In order to get Logcat output you can use adb tool delivered with Android SDK (Logcat command-line tool  |  Android Developers) or if you don’t have Android SDK, there are some free apps on Google Play (You can search for “logcat”).

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Hello Serdar, and thanks for the comprehensive answer.

I managed to retrieve the logs using CatLog and adb. The log file is attached to this message. I took the liberty of removing LightShow and nPerf lines, that were heavily polluting the log file. The crash seems to be located at line 693.

Hi, we have analyzed your logcat output, it seems that a system function which is used by our app is not properly implemented by your devices’s Cyanogen OS. So your OS is causing the crash and this is a device specific issue.

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Thank you for the quick analysis. Well, that’s no luck yet. I’ll try and report this to OnePlus and CyanogenOS devs.