Settings are as for Proactive after install. Nothing changed.

I have Win 7 x64 Pro, Windows Firewall and UAC disabled, all updates. No other real time AV or Firewall.
Testing with CLT and keep getting 190. Follow a guide on this forum, disable Sandbox, make sure i have
Proactive etc but no change. I uninstall CIS, reinstall with AV and Firewall. Having changed nothing i
notice that in Defence + settings, Image Execution Control is enabled and all Monitoring Settings are ticked.
These are supposed to be enabled when you change to Proactive.
It appears to me that a file or registry entry is corrupted and not being removed when i uninstall CIS,
and it is probably causing the 190 score in CLT.
I have just unistalled and reinstalled for 3rd time. Ran Ccleaner and Ccleaner Registry Cleaner +
Auslogics Reistry Cleaner.
Changed nothing, only updated AV and my config is Internet Security, AV Stateful, Firewall and Defence + Safe, Sandbox enabled, but Defence + settings are as for Proactive.

With CIS 5 there is hardly any difference between proactive and internet security, so the same Defense+ settings are ticked.