Settings always wiped out

1 - You can use the installers below to update your existing copy. Just run it and it should update by keeping your existing settings.

I’m posting over here because no one else seems to be a having a problem with this. I don’t get it, what do they mean by “keeping your existing settings.” I must be missing something. For 2124 and I believe last time, everything is back to default: Settings, Trusted files, Exclusions, Application rules, etc. All those files and rules are gone, and a real pain to do all over again. No uninstall, I just did what #1 said - downloaded, launched the installer and let 'er rip. Any ideas?

In some cases it can’t due to changes in the settings format. However, for this update, if CIS 5.5/5.8 was present when CIS 5.8 is installed then your Active Profile is saved and made available, with “(old)” appended, in CIS 5.8. Using this Profile is not the recommended course of action, a clean install with a new profile is. You should also revisit all your settings and save them again to make sure they’re correct.

I hope that helps.

Yes, it does. But I think I’ll just save my configuration and do a clean install so I don’t have to deal with it. I’m due for a clean install, anyway. I had tried it out on my testbed so my main system drive is still okay. Incidentally, I was upgrading from 5.5.x.1383

One question: I see from the other post in this section that I should have a trusted.db file in the database directory. I don’t have one. Should I? XP Pro SP3 x86.

I also used this method myself and I’ve not encountered any problems as of yet (several days now).

No, the 5.8 installation wipes it & doesn’t save it from the previous installation. I believe this is intentional for safety reasons. CIS will start repopulating it (which might cause a few alerts… unless CIS is set not alert) as you go along. But, in general most “known & safe” software will be automatically and silently added.

Misunderstanding, here. I’m talking about my existing 5.5.x.1383 installation. There’s no Trusted.db file.

The reply to other poster was that he should save it and then overwrite after the new install.

Sorry, I see. Is the Trusted Files list populated in your 5.5 installation? If yes, where are you looking for it?

Since Comodo go out-of-their-way to dump the previous version of Trusted.db, I would not recommend trying to circumvent this. I’m sure they’re not doing it for fun or to wind us up. :slight_smile:

edit: missing word

Are you sure Trusted.db hasn’t been introduced in 5.8? I checked the directories and sub-directories for Comodo, Documents and Settings, and even the Windows directories. It must be getting the info from somewhere else to populate the list - the registry? or .cfgx? However I do see it in the test installation I did.

Regardless, your point is well taken that Comodo doesn’t save it and there is most likely a good reason for that. The problem is, there are a lot of items listed. Silverlight has it really junked up (typical of MS) and so does VLC Media Player, along with quite a few from Java, Flash and Seagate Tools. Rough count gives me about 950 listed (did purge). Most of those I would guess will be automatically added as the programs are run, although I do have quite a few of my own. Seems as though there’s no way around it. I would especially want to do it if, in fact, things are now different and Comodo is using separate storage for the trusted files.

Now you mention it, I’m not sure. I’ve just checked it & does appear that you are correct in that the trusted.db file was indeed introduce in 5.8. Sorry about that.

I’m fairly sure that the Trusted List was not included in a CIS Profile export (.CFGX file) under 5.5 and I no longer have a CIS registry export (.REG file) to check. I checked the above using a mounted image from when I still had 5.5 installed, but checking the registry contents from that disk image wouldn’t be so easy.

It’s possible that this may invalidate my concerns over the trusted.db file for 5.8 and up. But, until we hear from Comodo on this (or experience a 5.8+ upgrade directly) I cannot certain. Sorry.

I guess this explains why the hundreds of ip address rules that I entered disappeared after an “upgrade”. Nice, now warning and only a cumbersome way to enter them. Can’t rate a file in a predefined format and load them. :cry: