Settingfirewall for local lan communication

Win 7 64 bit and win vista 32 bit on a network. Both have CIS 7 no Comodo av. How do i set the firewall to be able to connect locally but not to internet. When i block all network activity it blocks me from net and lan

When i look at manages network connections on my desktop I only see desktop. Same with laptop. Do not see both like above?
I can connect to some folders on the laptop but do not see the main user?

Blocking Internet Access while Allowing Local Area Network (LAN) Access - Comodo Internet Security v5.9/5.10 seems to be how to do it. But is there way to turn it on and off without removing the rule like the block all network tab in CIS

This is how to configure local lan access while preventing internet access → Blocking Internet Access while Allowing Local Area Network (LAN) Access - Comodo Internet Security v6.2 . As for quickly diabling this rule, you may have to get creative. Either move the rule down the rule tree when you want access and back up the tree when you do not, or remove the rule when you want access and remake the rule when you do not.

far too complicated. there should be a button to click like the block all network activity button


if you have any questions, please ask.

So every time i want juist local lan i have to DNS Server and Default Gateway addresses,? it would be easierto change the router firewall settings. Should be a quick click setting in comodo

according to your previous statements I figured out that you do NOT want help regarding the use on LAN without internet RATHER you want an easy button on CIS like the gaming mode, called LAN mode. (no offense intended)

SO I advice you to open a new topic in the correct section of feedback regarding CIS and hope they’ll add it in the next release, located like this:

The Comodo Forum >
Security Products & Services >
Comodo Internet Security - CIS >
News / Announcements / Feedback - CIS

OR this direct url

while waiting for comodo to add the feature consider the following but it may cost some money.

the best way is to buy another router and make it only for local home network, you can connect your PCs together and media harddrive and everyone in the home can enjoy, others who needs internet can simply use the first router.

use wpa2, so neighbors can’t connect.
use different channel so it wont interfere with your internet router.

This will make it one mouse click away.