setting up v3 with different network zones

hey all,
today i uninstalled Zonealarm 8(previously had version 7 before that). i’ve used zonealarm for a few years and i decided to switch to comodo to see how it is.

the comodo configuration seems much different from ZA. so im a bit confused. im not a network person by any means.

i have a personal laptop that i use at home and at work. at home i have a test windows 2003 and 2008 active directory which is fairly secure. when im at work with my laptop, i want to stealth and block as much as possible.

at home, i’d like to trust my DC and thats it
at work, i’d like to trust no1 and block all incoming requests.

with zonealarm, i basically setup ‘trusted’ for my home subnet and an ‘internet’ zone for my work’s subnet.

how do i do that with comodo?