Setting up utorrent in CIS4?

I’m using utorrent and am using a fixed port, I know there guide forsetting up rules for utorrent using CIS 3 but how do I set up rules for utorrent in CIS 4?

Perhaps someone already has posted an “how to…” but I failed to find it

Thanks in advance!

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Did you import your old CIS 3.xx configuration into CIS 4.xx? If so, it should work just fine (it does for me at least).

There is also this topic which might help:

If you have your port forwarded properly CIS should automatically create rules for uTorrent after you allow all incoming connections from the firewall alert you will get. It should give you one prompt and then work perfectly after that. You should not have to do any manual creation or editing of rules.


I’ve just installed CIS4 for the first time - not an upgrade, a completely new install - and I’m trying to set up Vuze in CIS4. I’ve already set up port forwarding and I tried using the old rules for setting up uTorrent in CIS3 but Vuze still seems to be firewalled. Is there a guide for setting up rules for uTorrent and/or Vuze in CIS4? I’m a bit of a technological ignoramus so any help or advice in getting started would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ;D

I am having the same problem with utorrent.

It worked perfectly with version 3 but the upgrade wiped it off and I dont know how to get port forwarding to work 100% correctly with version 4

I have a fixed port (6112) set up in the router.

When i run the network test in utorrent the portmap utility gives me an error

“Result: Port is not open (you are still able to download)”

Any ideas?

close torrent program. Open CIS → firewall → stealth port wizard → select second one ( alert me to incoming…) → hit ok → open torrent program and wait for alert from CIS about incoming connection, allow.

Thanks for the reply.

I managed to get it to work 100% by following the instructions in the following post

Thanks, I appreciate the advice. I’ll try that ;D

The popup didn’t appear for some reason but everything’s now working properly despite that so thanks for the help anyway :-TU