Setting up Comodo to monitor network traffic only

Hi all. Apologies if this ha been covered before, but have done a search and can’t find it anywhere.

I has v3 setup in train with safe mode, but the alerts are driving me up the wall. All I want is to have control over network traffic. I do not want to have to give permissions to applications to install and update EVERY time they do so. Windows update is a particular problem. Every time it updates, I have to switch to update/install mode, and spend more time dealing with firewall messages than I do working.

Is there a simple process to set up the firewall to ignore “in computer” events and only look at/monitor networking/internet events?

Thanks in advance.

Comodo is more then a firewall. It is a firewall with the protection of HIPS. If you want the firewall only you can disbale D+ or when you install Comodo chose the option for firewall only. If your using train with safe mode for the firewall that is an old option in the older versions. In the newer versions the firewall is “safe mode” Also put D+ in safe mode. Have you tried reading all the sticky’s under important topics?

Defense+ → Advanced → Defense+ Settings → check “Deactivate Defense+ permanently (requires a system restart)”

→ reboot.