setting up Citrix does not work

I made pretty hard COMODO settings for everything that (I think) isn’t needed.
After setting up a new laptop (for a friend) the special software for communication to a clearing center does not work (while allowing all new alerts).
Citrix for secure connections isn’t doing what it is supposed to like this.
So I guess that I made a block rule for something that wasn’t needed before but is now.
Is there an easy way to find these crucial parts (while I want to allow as little as possible)?

Is it a firewall rule or HIPS rule? Either way you can check the corresponding event logs, also make sure a process that is needed isn’t being auto-contained as it might need to be excluded from auto-containment.

Auto-Containment is pretty easy to oversee so I am sure it is not blocked by a container.

But how can I know if it is a firewall rule or HIPS rule?

And yes I could check the event logs but as long as I don’t know what (more or less) exactly I am looking for … there are masses of entries when logging everything …

You tell me, again is it a connection issue over the network then you need to see what is being blocked in the firewall log assuming you have logging enabled for any block rule for the application. Whatever is being blocked in the HIPS log it probably needs to be specifically allowed.