Setting up Activesync 4.5 with Comodo Firewall

I am having issues setting up Activesync 4.5 with Comodo firewall.

The firewall picked up almost all the files requires during application discovery.

Activesync 4.5 trys to connect and hangs.

I found this info regarding other firewalls on Microsoft web site:

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Dave :THNK (J)

Ok, I figured out how to get Activesync to work with comodo through the Log files.


Activesync uses a zone range that comodo doesn’t allow, so I recommend using the microsoft guide on how-to debug Zone alarm for reference to setting up the trusted applications but other than that here:

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Thank you for sharing this. It helped me get on. I was actually thinking about uninstalling Comodo Firewall because of this, but thought I would give it a try one more time.

I am now running Windows Mobile 6 ( WM6 ) and Activesync 4.5 with no problems.

No problem man, Comodo as I have come to understand it block everything of suspicion unless you manually tell it otherwise… For example I was having a hell of a time setting up my Net2Go Netwrok Magic account by Dlink for a few months… It turns out any P2P and otherwise needs to be manually inserted a few examples will be below. You have to go into your network monitor and goto the Add button and then input the instance you want for example a bit-torrent application ports and IMCP or Network Magic Zones…

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