Setting up a wireless network. Newbie alert. Need help!!


I got a smidge of info from this thread from these forums:;msg55175#msg55175

But I’m way to green to figure all that out. Is there a step by step way to make sure I get it right in setting up my wireless network and keep Comodo running as it should??

Here’s the scenario: I have a home desktop computer, a usb printer but I have it connected using the older printer connection as I’m just used to that. I also have DSL with AT&T. I purchased a TRENDnet router and setting that up seemed easy enough but then when it came to getting the lap top I have in the living room connected I go lost very quickly.

What all info do I need filled in where to make sure both computers are able to see each other and allow for packets to come in and out?? Is there a way to get the printer seen by the laptop as well so I can send print jobs to it as well??

If there is someplace else I need to be asking these questions and you have a link then by all means please link me up.

Thanks so much

Richard ;-)~

Sounds like you’re trying to do several things at once. I’ve found it best to tackle setups one at a time, as several things can interact, and if I’m not sure which one was working before, trying to fix the problem can get frustrating.

You’ve description says that you have a desktop PC, a laptop, and a router. You want the laptop to have a wireless connection, but to what? I would presume your Trendnet router, but that’s me making a guess. How does you DSL connect? To your router, or straight to the desktop PC? What model Trendnet router do you have?

The typical configuration is usually something like this:
Internet ------> modem/router+----------> desktop PC +---~~~----> laptop via wifi
And the printer attached to your desktop PC, you want to share with your laptop. Right?

And to keep things on topic, both laptop and desktop will be running CFP?

Just to get the basic LAN setup working, I’d strongly suggest keeping everything wired at first. When you know it all works, then shift over to wireless. Wireless can get complicated fast, and trying to fix it, and get a LAN to work at the same time, can be a hair-pulling experience. A wired setup is fairly straightforward, and can be done relatively quickly. Then go for complications.