Setting up a Scheduled Scan

Can anyone help me set up a Scheduled Scan for CAV? I always get some kind of script error which prevents me from setting up one

Sorry you’re having trouble DoubleVision19, but welcome to the forums!

Have you logged a ticket with support yet? If not, you can do so by going here: You’ll have to create an account (register) as it’s a different system than the forum. I have found them to respond quickly.

Also, as there may be other users that experienced the same thing, can you create a screen shot image of the error you’re getting, and add it to your next post here (in Additional Options)?

This may be most helpful.

Once again, welcome!


Also, what OS do you have? I noticed a Japanese user had a somewhat similar problem here:,558.0.html that mentions a scripting problem. Seems maybe it had something to do with a non-English OS. Any similarities for you?