Setting up a rule for an outgoing SMTP server software?

Because I send more emails than my ISP likes, I need to use an SMTP server software called MADYPRO (madypro.exe is the file name). It listens on port 25 and relays emails by setting the outgoing SMTP to “local host”.

If I have comodo block MADYPRO.exe, my outgoing email does not work. What kind of rule would I need to set in order to have my outgoing email still work while minimizing my risk?

Hmmmm … good question.

As I don’t have a mail server that I’m willing to compromise, the following is untested and off the top of my head. Having said that, you could try the following :

  1. In Application Monitor, create an app rule for MADYPRO.EXE allowing all activities
  2. Make sure that CPF allows local loopback connections.
  3. Double check that your Network Monitor rules incluide one that will allow an outbound connection on port 25 (If you have defined a trusted zone, the zone rules will allow this).

That should be sufficient to get it through.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: