Setting to pass PC Flank Leak test? [Resolved]


As far as I can tell, we agree on many things. No buts. PCFlunk, pulease. :frowning:

LOL. I think it’s their attention to customers (:TNG) that draws me to them. (:LGH) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Sorry I can’t… I’m must be the brick this time… I don’t understand your question. Did you transpose CPF & PC Flank? BUT… after running any leaktest, then you really should reboot to clean-up any temporary blocks that your firewall might have created & to get the leaktest to release whatever it hooked into (some leaktests inject or hook DLLs to other programs).

In help text’s of leaktest’s they always recommend you to reboot your computer.

If you mean general use of CPF, I would answer YES! ;D

Do you have a better choice?

It does PASS the test and not “pass” as you write it. :wink: