Setting rules for trusted web sites

Help. I am new to Comodo. I installed it yesterday - both firewall and anti-virus - but can’t get BBC i-player to work with it. I can get the radio i-player ok but not the TV i-player.

How can I ensure is a trusted website and ensure that all i-player communications to and from the BBC work ok with the firewall?

Also, how can I turn Comodo fully off so as to test whether the firewall is, indeed, the reason I am not getting the i-player to work.

Actually - ignore the stuff about i-player. I’ve solved it - realised I had to get an adobe flash player update. But I would interested in answers to the general point about ‘trusted’ web sites and how to turn Comodo off completely.

Comodo doesnt have a web shield and does not interfere with web page loading. Be sure to make either FF or IE a web browser under the firewall policy. Go to the Firewall tab then click on Advanced\ Network Security Policy and find IE and FF and right click on them. Select edit and chose web browser from the predefined policy’s. Apply all the way out. As far as shutting down Comodo you can right click on your taskbar and exit it but that will only shut down cfp.exe and not cmdagent.exe. You will need to go into the services and shut it off that way. Why do you need to shut off Comodo anyways? What other security programs are you using?

Thanks for that. I’ll try it. I wouldn’t want to shut off Comodo normally apart from as a diagnostic to see if it was the cause of the i-player problem I had.