Setting [Resolved]

When I clicked on lookup after viewing my pending files Comodo asked me to submit files to Comodo and I place a checkmark in remember my response. So now everytime I lookup suspicious files it submits automatically.

How do I change that so it will NOT submit automatically?

Perhaps you can try something in Miscellaneous / Settings / Update. Just a guess.


I can’t find it. Make a bug report.

It’s not a bug.

LeoniAquila was correct:
Miscellaneous > Settings > Update > [uncheck] “Automatically submit the files in the submission queue to COMODO”

This was the setting I referred to (though I wasn’t clear about that) in my guess.

AnotherOne, please confirm if this helps you!


I have had that setting under update unchecked from day one. It still is unchecked!

You can try checking it, shut down CFP (or reboot), and when CFP has completed initialization, uncheck it again. Yeah, that’s a pain, but it might work.

The analogy here would be a case in which an application failed to completely uninstall. So you reinstall it, then uninstall it again to fix the problem. Pretzel logic, if you ask me, but sometimes that’s the only thing that works.

Yes, that’s better. It was trying to update on bootup and it was hanging my system for a minute or more for a dozen times… Annoying.

Well it’s resolved. I checked all the options under update and rebooted. There was a new file pending and I went to lookup. It asked me to submit. It did not submit automatically.

This is a possible bug. With the option checked it should send and it does the opposite.

Please submit this info in the Bug Reports section, if you can (unless it has already been reported, you’d better check that first).

Since the problem is solved anyway, I’ll mark this topic as resolved. To open it again, just send a PM to any moderator and we’ll be glad to do so.

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