Setting program control

Hi Dear friends,

I want to know how should I set COMODO firewall to inform me when every program which installed in my computer before want to connect to internet? whether or not I want give access to internet ?

You can try to set your firewall slider to custom and set alerts to high. You can also make custom rules to get an ask prompt. You can also make your own global rules. Read the help file .

Hi,I did it, but when some of my application such as babylon or media player pr… want to connect to internet, it can not stop them and they connect to internet. what should I do to be asked by COMODO ?


You can eddit your firewall rules and add the ask command. Try that. I don’t bother with rules like that. Any reason you want to see alerts for everything?

May you please tell me, for example how can I define a rule, to ask COMODO to give access when an application tyr to connect to Internet ?

Hi nimaoy,move your setting for the firewall up to “Custom Policy Mode”,you should now get an alert for any program which has not previously connected to the net.If some allready have rules set up for them,you can check by
Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy/Application Rules,to see whats there and if you want to you can either remove the rule or edit it to a setting of your choice.

Hope this helps Matty

To change a rule right click on it and choose “edit” this will allow you to make the rule you wish.