Setting ports to pass though for game servers

I needed help with setting a rule set for the Comodo firewall so I can host a few games and not have to turn off the firewall for 15 min so people can connect. I have forwarded the appropriate ports on my router for the games and with the Comodo firewall disabled people can connect. If anyone knows how set it to allow ports though the Comodo firewall that would be amazing. As of right now I have Comodo firewall turned off and the windows firewall taking it’s place. Not something I REALLY want to do but I hate having the Comodo firewall and the windows firewall off for even a minuet. I have tried to set rules in the Comodo firewall settings but nothing seems to allow the ports to pass though even though I swear I have set the rules to allow for it in the appropriate areas.

Edit: So I found out what to do on my own. Comodo had blocked ALL ports in a few of it’s ‘pre-installed’ rulesets. I had to delete those before my custom rules would even take effect. There were rules in Global Rules, RuleSets, and PortSets that did not allow ANY ports to go though. Come on guys, you don’t have any documentation on the fact that your firewall comes with those pre-installed. I will lock this thread as I have gotten my answer on my own. Hopefully this will help others.