setting of av

Hello. What would be the best heuristic setting?

I’ve set to Low in Realtime.
And Medium for On demand.

And “Don’t use Automatic Quarantine for Realtime”.

Note: This was my setting other user may vary different.

I’ve set to High in Realtime ,On demand
But many False Postivle . I think Recommended is Low setting :wink:

These two recommendations are very nice. Silly me will put the heuristics on high for on demand scanning so I can get the false positives and submit them to Comodo for review/fixing at

Every computer I install CIS on I first run a scan with heuristics on high and then submit what I get. Comodo is very good (from my experience) about sending back an email telling you in what virus DB update the false positive was fixed. It’s my little way of helping Comodo help me.