Setting CFP 3

Hello, I have installed CFP, and I have spent Comodo Leak Test and the five point gives me Vulnerable, in the installation of comfortable I have not touched anything, does sabeis as I can correct this problem.
Win xp-SP3-antivir premiun anti-avg.
Thank you

Hola, tengo instalado CFP, y he pasado Comodo Leak Test y los cinco punto me da Vulnerable, en la instalacion de comodo no he tocado nada, ¿sabeis como puedo corregir este problema.
Win xp-sp3-antivir premiun-avg antispyware.

Run the stealth port wizard and select the option to “block all incoming connections”.Which leak tests are you referring to?

Hello, thank you for your suggestion, the test flight I have done with CLT (comodo leak tests).


Hola, gracias por tu sugerencia,la prueba de fuga la he realizado con CLT (comodo leak tests).