Setting CFP 14.276 Permissions

???I was happily burning DVD’s using NERO 7 on my VISTA machine. Then I installed CFP v3. Now I get the message ‘Windows cannot access the specified file (NeroVision.exe). You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.’ Can I give blanket permissions to all execs in a Program Files folder, or do I have to search out each one separately? Thanks.

Yes, you can. In Computer Security Policy add a rule, for Application Path select “Browse…”, and specify “C:\Program Files*” there. You can then select the appropriate Access Rights and move the rule to the top of the list. This way, everything you set to Allow or Block will be applied to all applications in your Program Files folder. If an Access Right is set to Ask, Comodo will look for rules that apply to an application further in the list (or trigger an alert if no other rules are found). So, you can setup some rights aggregately, and further control others more discretely, by adding separate rules for certain applications.

Wildcards rule. :slight_smile:

You can set the “Run an executable” access right of an application (e.g. explorer.exe) to allow the execution of all applications in Program Files using wildcards, too. For Access Rights / Run an executable click Modify…, in the list of allowed applications click Add / Browse…, specify “C:\Program Files*” in the Add new item field, click “+”, Apply.

Thanks. In Network Security Policy, I made Nero a Trusted Appl. Now it seems to be working properly.