setpoint trying to use explorer

Guy i am hoping you can help me out here?

I have been using cpf for a while now but just recently i have built a new pc & installed some logitech software for my keyboard & mouse, also new.

The problem is when i click on IE7 a small window appears from comodo informing me about an application trying to send special messeges via IE7 without my knowlege, namly the setpoint.exe.

Has anyone else seen or heard of this before? If i deny the opperation my IE7 will not connect to the internet.

Many thanks

I may have submitted this 2 times but this one should have screenshot… i hope

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Whilst I’m not familiar with SetPoint, I gather you are & you can probably answer the critical question yourself. The important thing to note is that CFP said “may be”. This is a warning, if SetPoint does meddle with explorer.exe (lots of programs do… adding context menus, claiming file associations, etc…) then it is expected and you should allow this remembered. When you’re training CFP you will need to address this sort of question a fair few times. What you’re authorising is the SetPoint (meddling process) - explorer.exe (parent process) - default browser (child process, MSIE in your case) relationship. Why is it important? This is exact same method that many firewall leak tests use to attempt to circumvent the firewall & thus, the wild Trojans that the firewall leak tests are meant to be testing the firewall against.

When in doubt block unremembered. This way a mistaken block can be cleared by a simple reboot.

I hope that helps.

The rule of thumb from the developers on these alerts is that if you are familiar with the applications involved (in this case, Setpoint and Internet Explorer), it is safe to Allow with Remember, as kail posted.

The time to be concerned is when you don’t know one or both applications. This of course presumes that you trust any application you have installed on your machine.

So the question is: Are you familiar with setpoint?


thx guys, i was just concerned as to why setpoint was trying to connect to a remote server via another program, it just seemed a bit ‘cloack & dagger’. Why not just say setpoint.exe is trying to connect to instead of using special windows msg. Have not got a clue to what setpoint.exe does either :slight_smile: i know trojens can rename their programs to fool firewall script, thats all i was wondering about.

Again many thanks for quick answer & thanks for Comodo its a brill program. I used to use Sygate until norton symantec heavies took it over & shut it down… i hope this does not happen here!! In my view symsntec= bloated rubbish :slight_smile:


Is this setpoint.exe the Logitech mouse controller?

If so, it would make perfect sense that you see an alert for that and your browser. Every click of the mouse within the browser application creates an interaction between the two, such as “modifying,” “messages,” and so on. Absolutely normal in that scenario; not something to be concerned about.