I have decided to keep using Comodo FW despite current compatibility issues with AVAST, namely the possibility of maliscous programmes accessing outbound connection, hoping that these will be sorted with the next update of either programme (no finger pointing). I’d rather not revert to v5.8 as has been advised here if possible but if the concensus is that it is better to do so, I will. I like both software vendors and would like to continue trusting their protection which I have done for some time.

In the meantime, I have implemented the following advise;

Can someone pls tell me that the changes are giving me the best possible security for the time being other than using the internet responsibly.

Many thanks

I like that advice. :wink:

Erm … yes :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tutorial


Hi drummerman,
The best is a big word and regardless of the content can/will always be debated by some, but Chiron’s configuration articles have been tried and tested by many with great success.
IMO, his articles show very reliable and trustworthy advice.


Thank you