Set up Comodo With Xbox 360 Extender

Hey Guys, I just found Comodo today, and I must say that this is the greatest firewall I’ve used so far, but there is one problem, I have an xbox 360 and Media Center on my computer, so I am trying to set up my xbox 360 as a media center extender, but when the firewall is running, I cannot access the computer from my xbox 360. Does anyone know a solution to this?

Thanks in advance.

I have a similar situation. I have Windows XP Pro, and Windows Media Connect 2.0. I have the programs allowed, but my 360 is unable to see my PC. When I used ZoneAlarm, they had an option to allow an IP address to pass, but I can’t seem to find that in Comondo without allowing everything from my router, and that does me no good.

On a side note, don’t suggest to use WMP 11 as I have problems with it playing HD video. It is fine otherwise, but unable to play HD video at all and WMP 10 can play it without a problem.

EDIT : I found that if I disable the Network Control Rules, I get access. I will continue to look into the issue, as I don’t see this as a good solution, but it’s progress!

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Check out this thread:,6167.0.html; it’s a locked compilation of resources for CFP, and there’s info in there on XBox. Each topic has a link back to the original thread where you can ask questions as you need.

And here’s a couple posts where problems were resolved with XBox:,6416.0.html,3162.0.html

Here’s a few more XBox posts…,5687.0.html,220.0.html,4405.0.html

Hope that helps.

BTW, 1031982, disabling the Network Rules is not a good move, in regards to security. However, what it does tell us is that you need to create some Network Rules that will allow your XBox connection. My top guess is that you need to do as is posted in the tutorial and elsewhere, to create a Zone to include the 'Box, and then add that as a Trusted Network. You’ll see it in the other posts, and know what I mean.


I can say thanks for the info, as making a new Trusted Network with the default settings worked. But I don’t understand how this works now and not before. I tried this and I couldn’t access anything last time… Oh well.
On a side note, how does this not do the same thing as disabling the security there? It just opened up all the IP addresses where disabling the feature does the same basic thing.

Glad it’s working now.

It’s not really the same… By creating a Trusted Zone/Network, you are only opening up traffic to and from that range of IP addresses, to define your computer and XBox, so that those physical devices can communicate freely. Thus, they have an uninhibited exchange/flow of data.

The Network Monitor sets the stage for how applications are allowed to communicate; everything happens in that context, both in and outbound traffic is controlled this way. By turning it off, you’re essentially allowing applications to connect as they desire. This is not the same as the unimpeded connection for the trusted zone, but creates a big gap in Comodo’s security. This is not as bad as turning the Security Level to Allow All, but it’s a big step in that direction… :wink:

In the Compilation link I gave, there’s a post at the bottom of the first page that explains in detail how the layered rules of Comodo function together. That may help clear it up for you.


Ah, well there may be an explanation elsewhere, but for me your explanation makes sense perfectly. Being a PC tech in training and having to understand how networks work and so on allow ease of understanding with this stuff. But you were a great help here, thanks a lot. I just have to get used to the program as I have been using it for about 3 weeks now. Very well done!

No problem, I’m glad to help.

CFP is a bit different, I must admit, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time, and be “runnin’ with the big dawgs…” :smiley: