Set Firewall to LAN Only Mode?

I have some PCs that I need to be able to connect to my home network that I do not want to access the internet, but I do want them to access my LAN to access other PCs files. How can I set the firewall to LAN-Only mode?

If possible, I’d prefer to be able to switch on-the-fly, so I can change the configuration to temporarily access the great internet when I need to update some programs, but if its set to LAN-only never-internet I can live with that too. 8)

Thank you.

Hi Benedict,

Thank you for reporting, let me check and update you.
May i know your product name(CIS/CFW) along with version ?
And Win version and system bit type ?


Comodo Firewall 12
There are two PCs, one Windows 7 x64 and also Windows 10 x64.

Hi Benedict,

Thank you for providing the system and product detail.
Could you please check your inbox for Pm and respond ?


Your PM was the same as your above post.
I don’t think I could make it any clearer. I want my computer with Comodo Firewall to only access files on my LAN, but not access the internet. Some firewalls call this “lockdown mode”.

Should be not that difficult to setup I guess.

Just allow all applications to only connect out to (IP/Mask) and also allow all applications to receive connections from same IP/Mask.

Also I think you have to setup computer to not allow other connected network computers to connect to the internet through this computer (so disabling computer acting as LAN to internet router).