Set CIS to default to 'not remember' my answer?

My problem is really my problem but … can I set CIS to default to not remembering my answer regardless of whether or not I asked it to remember my answer to the last problem?

I’m always accidentally remembering answers I make while testing a program because I end with ‘remembering’ my final answer-so the next problem starts with ‘remember my answer’ checked & I forget to uncheck it. Can’t I set CIS to always start with that box unchecked? If it has a rule (i.e. I’ve asked it to remember my answer) then the screen doesn’t appear so really the only reason to ‘remember’ that I checked that box is so it will remember all my answers-which is the last thing I want it to do.

I know that I should really remember myself to always look at that box, but I don’t. IMO (FWIW) that’s what computers are best at-always remembering the little things I tend to forget. So can I set CIS to compensate for my failings?


I’ve had the same problem too in the past, I would also like the box to be unticked everytime it appears no matter what my reply was previously.