Services / Ultraedit

Hello guys!

I am changed my old firewall to comodo, and from that time, a can not use some of my software:

  • UltraStudio (like UltraEdit). I added the application to trusted applications, and i set the FTP personal firewall policies from block to ask. Without success, because it block my connection, and doesn’t asks what to do. To set the server to passive mode solve my problem.

  • I added for trusted applications the svnservice.exe (as you see i am running XP, 32-bit, SP3 and all the latest upgrades, windows firewall turned off), but when i want to start it from the icon tray, it not starts.
    But if i go to the Services, and start manually, then everything is all right.

  • The MySQL,Apache, and other services is starting really slow. Until this time, i used ESET, but my license expired, and i am not planning to buy a new one, if i can properly set COMODO.

Can you help me with this guys? If you need screenshots, tell me, which part of COMODO you need, and i take screens.


Do you see entries in the D+ logs for svnservice.exe and the other apps? Please post a screenshot of the logs? They are under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + Events.

What is the name of the tray program that can start svnservice.exe.

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