Services not controlled by firewall? (v3.0.13.268 x32)

  1. 32bit AMD Sempron
  2. WinXP Pro SP2
  3. Spyware Terminator, NOD32 v2.7

I’m using CfosSpeed. It has a service spd.exe that periodically pings the net to analyze the traffic and shape it if necessary. I haven’t received any alerts about spd.exe trying to ping and I can see that it works normally. I’ve then added it manually to Application list and blocked all traffic for it, but it wasn’t affected. I’ve then blocked all ICMP traffic in the Global rules, but it still wasn’t affected and continued to ping normally. How come?

I confirm that.

It smells like a bug. Please report it here

You need to make sure you are configuring correctly. Please check the following screenshots.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi egemen,

I just checked again and still it has access.

ps. I have Defence+ deactivated. Can it be because of this?

Checked everything. It still has access and doesn’t show in active connections. I also have Defense+ deactivated, but it shouldn’t be related because spd.exe is just another program trying to access the Internet.