services.exe question

I recently udpated my comodo firewall. Now everyt time I reboot there’s notifications for allow or deny (D+ ) :



Should those be allowed or denied?

You can Allow these with remember my answer ticked. It`s to do with the Control set and what the current settings are.
As these are in the protected registry keys group an alert will be triggered on modification.

Some info on Control sets->


if i blocked it at first, how do i unblock it manually?

If you blocked it with “remember my answer” ticked then it will have a rule created.

Go to Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy->Find"%windir%\system32\services.exe" in the list and double click it.
Now click on Access Rights and in the new window Modify next to Protected Registry Keys.

You will see Allowed and Blocked windows, go to the Blocked one, remove the entry, click OK the APPLY all the way out.


So I should allow it for all the options in the Access Rights window?


Just leave it as it is, you should have everything but Run an executable and Protected Registry keys as Allow with those 2 set to ask.
When you receive and alert such as the ones you mentioned, Allow and tick “Remember my answer” then you won`t get an alert relating to the same in the future.


okay, thanks.