Service backup v. user backup

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I’ve hunted for the answer to this, but I can’t find it so hopefully someone here will tell me.

What is the difference between a service back up type and a user backup type?

Also inthe help it says you can specify whether backup checks the archive attribute of the file or checks the time and date, or both - where do you make these options settings?

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Hmmm - what is the average time to get an answer around here!

The average time to get an answer here is undefined. FYI a few months ago I posted here a bunch of bugs but never received any confirmations/denials. I didn’t notice any progress with Backup also.


If you’re unsatisfied with the time taken for other users to answer your queries, you could always go to, register and lodge a support ticket with the official support centre.

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Service backup job can be created by admin user and this job if scheduled runs irrespective of logged in user as backup is done by BackUp service application ‘CmdBkSvc.exe’ while user user backup is specific to currently logged in user and works only when that particular user is logged in.
So ‘Service backup’ is kind a global backup job for entire system while ‘User backup’ is currently logged in specific user.

Hope this explains.