Servers down?

Are the ccloud servers down for maintenance or something?
I can’t seem to connect neither from the application nor from the ccloud website …

Niels Peter Hansen

Noone in here?

Niels Peter

Are they working now?

They’re working now, but up till now pretty slow, and there doesn’t seem to be much concordance between what the local application and the web application has recorded on what has been uploaded.

Niels Peter

Now ccloud seems to be deleting files on my harddisk instead of uploading them (reverse sync?) so I am uninstalling it to avoid more damage :-TD

Niels Peter

It’s very disappointing to hear that CCloud is deleting files from your PC without permission. :-TD

If interested, I would recommend trying other services such as Dropbox, SkyDrive or SugarSync.

Thanks for your advice - I’m already trying out Sugarsync which seems to be working fine and is definitely faster than ccloud …

Niels Peter