Server says update available but will not download

Have server 3.0.60516.1 and it shows an update available.
Checking pacakages it is Comodo Enpoint Security/Anti virus for servers 6.1.276867.2813

Selecting download updates seems to go through process.
But it again just shows as update available.

I cannot add any systems as during the process where you select software to install and which parts of software it says there are no packages to install.
Endpoint SEcurity (Not Downloaded)
Stage 4 unable to select Instal Endpoint Security.

Checked server packages folder and there exists some .msi files with what looks like temporary files names i.e. 3a9f6880-1f1f-42dd-b288-8fe5605b47ae_temp_.msi etc
Seems to craete one each time I select download or update.

Any hints on this, have 50 clients with agents and even tried downloading CESM seperately but it doesn’t seem to link into the server correctly.
Would like to get this working properly again as it did in 2.1

So far liking many parts of 3.0 but hopping for more policy and event reporting to make it enterprise worthy.


Please try to download the CES packages manually using these links:

Once they are downloaded, copy them to this path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\COMODO\Endpoint Security Manager\Packages\Windows\

If the Windows folder is not created under C:\Program Files (x86)\COMODO\Endpoint Security Manager\Packages please create it manually and then copy the above CES installation packages.

Please check in the ESM console if you are able to select CES to be installed at step 4 .
Please reply with the results.

ok downloaded and put into the packages folder.

It look slike the 32bit version x86.msi is fine and was able to install to a 32bit client ok but 64bit x64.msi is not registering.

During deployment it says
Deployment failed.
A fatal error occurred during installation

Technical details:
Package name not defined
status_installer_fatal_error (0)

Have restarted server incase it needed to refresh some cache details etc.
Still same.

Main screen shows update available.
Running update does update the x86.msi file but the x64.msi stays as a temp file.

Think I found a potential issue with some backup software that mau have been locking the files open. will try disabling and let you know.

The 64 bit version is downloaded and copied to '…\Packages\windows' folder?

Please let me know how it goes.