Server Problems

When I launch my server, I have to disable comodo firewall to get it running, I port forwarded and that stuff.
But how do I get it work without disabling comodo?
Because in the Network Zones the IP is within the IP range specified so it’s supposed to work.
I tried giving my server all application internet rights but that didn’t help.
The port is 7777 and the computer IP for applications is .
Can someone please help me on this?

I have had Comodo instaled for a number of months and within the past week am experiencing exactly the same problems.

Hi, with interest I’ve read this posts. I have similar problems. May be it’s because I’m new with using firewalls. When I set up the security level to ‘user’ comodo says my safty level is excellent. Ok but then I can not reach any server in the net anymore. This makes no sense because I am in the net to reach servers. And I have no clue how to define a proper network zone because at this moment I do not know where I will go tomorrow. So what can I do to use the firewall with the internet?