Server permissions [Resolved]

I had CFP installed on 2 of my machines for a couple of weeks now. After getting the network issues resolved I thought I was good to go…until yesterday. Suddenly Firefox will not connect to the internet unless it’s given permission to act as a server.
IE connects fine.

Anyone else come across this issue.
I’ve looked all over, re-installed CPF, virus scan, etc and can’t figure out why this is suddenly a problem.


Welcome to the forum, Z.

Act as server is due to TCP loopback check. Please take a look at this thread:,6908.msg50626.html#msg50626 - 2nd scenario

Thanks Soya
It seems to be a sporadic issue with this laptop.
It is has stopped asking for the time being without me making any changes…odd.


Firefox, as well as other browsers and programs require TCP loopback at unspecified times (I’m don’t know the reasons) to function. Loopbacks are just internal connections within your computer, so there’s no harm to disable the checking options unless you’re running a proxy server. I have the option enabled to skip the check because I run Opera and it also needs it.