Serval feature requests

Hi. Been using Comodo since v4 betas and I have a few feature requests:

  1. Red icon or something when Firewall/AV/Defense+ is disabled
  2. Scan Critial Areas is more than enough for Green Check on Comodo Main Window - it’s pointless to waste 3 hours scanning all drive everyweek
  3. Blocked app “Run an executable” for process access rights doesn’t work when sandbox is enabled
  4. Option to Clean/Empty Events Log
  5. Comodo Live Support Service that is installed don’t have valid Description/Company/Signature on Process Explorer
  6. Everytime I hit scan on the same ten minutes it always checks for a new version of signature files
  7. When installing comodo, pleaseeeeeeeee turn off windows firewall by default
  8. On Stealth Ports Wizard add an option to detect current network when selection “I woud like to define and trust a new networkzone”
  9. When inserting a pendisk on windows 7 comodo always asks for permissions for services.exe when windows is installing drivers

And one last question:

What is the difference of exclude one file from scan from adding the file to trust list?

I subscribe all above! :-TU

Ok another (major?) one:

  1. When some defense (av/defense+/firewall/sandbox) is disabled change the system status.

All systems are NOT active and running.

Edit: one more

  1. When Defende+ is trigged for a typical of a buffer overflow attack add an option or auto-add the file to submition? There are a lot of files circulation on Windows Live Messenger that are blocked by Defense+ but not by sigantures. This will increase the signatures response to this kind of threats

I agree with all of these request :-TU

Great! I found every improvement here that I’ve been thinking about for CIS the last days!

Especially 1) could be easily implemented. It’s not a great Idea to leave the traybar icon as it always looks when everything is disabled and the machine is completely unprotected!

An Option to clear the event logs would be nice and I know that it’s possible to export log entries but what about a simple

12) “Copy selection to clipboard” functionality in the events viewer?

Thank you for such a nice product!