Why are almost all Serv-Us in the v6 range tagged as a virus? I hate v7 and v8 so I use v6 but Comodo considers them as a virus.

Hi PhyxionNL,

Mentioned were all belongs to Potentially unsafe Application category, And It must be used at user’s own risk.

-Chandra Mohan

Thats rubbish, I don’t want Comodo to popup every time for Serv-U, its a SAFE application, not MALWARE. If some malware is included, fine, but when I download it from their website it’s 100% clean.

Then make it part of My Own Safe Files and put it to Exclusions.

Already did but still annoys me that every version of S-U is marked as mallware which is simply not true.

Serv-U is an FTP server. Suppose it gets installed on somebody’s system by a backdoor/trojan program. Then it is good to be notified. I have seen a hacked computer which had a cracked version of a well known Remote Desktop Program twice (the owner had not installed it nor her computer guy).

Drop service at rhinosoft dot com a line if you want the makers of Serv-U FTP Server to add a note about Comodo on their antivirus KB here:

If you’re just looking to convince management that Serv-U isn’t a virus, see this: