Seriously I need to update virus defination offline for new installation!!

To whom who may concern!

sir, i do really thanks for wonderful internet security free as you offered and i always rid off others provider. so far as i using this cis on my pc, i had no problem with it and feel my pc always secured.

the problem with cis begin when i install on my friends pc as promoting cis to them. the problem when i trying to update virus signature update.

i know last same post, you mention to download one basic virus definition file in size of 100+ mb. but when i do that, the defination updated but it cannot detect most of virus. secondly it always failed when i using mobile broadband (alwayssss!)… i begin downloading status 15min then show it fail to download. i never success update virus signature update for first time install.

last time, i try to copy whole folder definition about 200mb. although the status said it fully update. it cannot detect a single virus, although the virus on the desktop.

now, i posting this topic using my brothers pc that i installed cis from las 2months and never success update virus signature and cause lot of virus grows and after i post this topic i will reformat and reinstall windows back.

and yet i still hesitate to install cis again on this computer. because it using mobile broadband…

please help me…

thank you…

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I believe that this might be what you are looking for:

Also, what version of CIS are you referring to? The way that the version 4 updates is different from version 3.

Looking for Where can i download the latest full AV database??