Serious Waring of delete infected system file

I wish COMODO CIS can pop up a serious warning message telling me

  1. It is serious and will cause system unstable when take Quarantine files and delete files actions.
  2. Or disable the quarantine and delete funtion, and pop up a message said “system files infected, please consult system expert”… when facing this situation.

Becasue, one year ago I had used other AV software detecting one system infected file, after Quarantine without waring, and then my PC can not reboot. It was sad.

Have you faced such an issue where a sys file was corrupted and CIS was unable to clean the file? and the only option was to delete it? if yes, then it would rather be better that CIS replaces the infected file with a backup copy rather than giving difficult to implement alerts

No, up-to-date, no. After using CIS, system files were protected.

It is the imagenation (Scenario, what if) that if the same situation happen when using CIS. How can CIS respond. A better arrangement will let CIS more useable.