SERIOUS issues

I am a comodo internet security user and ive been running fine with it for at least 5 months now, but suddenly im having problems and i am just about out of ideas as how to fix it… it started yesterday- both my laptop and my desktop who both use your software started acting strangely- both of them just going incredibly slow, the task manager (when i can get that to appear i usually get failed attempt messeges on that one) says that my cpu is running at 100% and its impossible to do anything in normal mode because it just freezes up if i rush it at all… so i have tried avast antivirus scanning in safe mode with networking and that said there was no issues, and ive been trying to verify that with your own scanner but it wont let me!

Basically it brings up this error messege: start failed: Error code 0x80004002. No such interface supported.
I assumed this meant it was trying to update the software first so i tried all kinds of settings so it shouldnt try to update but that messege still appears…

anyway if anyone is experiencing the same issues as me, and managed to fix it, or if you think im just better off reformatting, please let me know. oh in case your wondering my 2 systems run vista home premium 32bit and 64 bit for my desktop.

Please read here;msg332540#msg332540