Serious issue with "Clean PC Mode"

Has anyone noticed that from time to time, the “My Pending Files” list that builds up while in “Clean PC Mode” becomes “0 file(s) are waiting for your review”? Even though there is still a list of files in “My Pending Files”, Comodo seems to forget this?

I didn’t think this mattered, and thought it was just a GUI error, but then I realised that when the display showed “0 file(s) are waiting for your review”, Comodo was treating it like there were no files in “My Pending Files”, and therefore trusted everything in that list! This is very dangerous actually, and I’ll be moving to Safe Mode because of this.

I’ve only noticed this bug in the last few release versions. Has anyone else noticed this? I’m not running any other security in real-time except Sandboxie.

It says 0 file(s) are waiting for your review for a few seconds (depending on how many pending files you have, I guess) after CIS has started.

No, I have noticed that it says “0 file(s) are waiting for your review” intermittently, a long time after boot-up. And sometimes, it stays that way mate, until the next boot-up. Therefore, all the untrusted .exe files in “My Pending Files” effectively become trusted!

Are you using a clean installation of CIS?

Yes. I’ve always noticed it eventually after each clean installation. It doesn’t happen that often, but it’s enough that I notice it.

Could it be related to the situation where it is sending files to Comodo? This is just a hunch.


Mine never does that, the pending files remain until I do something with them. (I usually just remove them and most are temp files anyway). I always do something with them as soon as I see them though. I don’t like safe mode at all.

I’ve just clean re-installed CIS for probably the 50th time haha. I’ll be watching if this issue comes up again.

I suspect this may be a conflict with Sandboxie. I can reproduce this quite consistently now.

Firstly, make sure you have files in “My Pending Files”. And also make sure you are in “Clean PC Mode”.

Now, download and run “Hitman Pro” ( sandboxed (in a sandboxed environment which is set to automatically delete). Allow everything that D+ asks (but don’t remember answer). Run the scan.

Now, close the program (and make sure Sandboxie automatically deletes the environment). If Sandboxie doesn’t automatically delete the environment, manually delete the sandbox yourself. Now look at the “My Pending Files” display - it will say 0 file(s) are waiting for your review!