Serious flaw in Secure DNS

I used Dragon for quite a while and liked it, but suddenly Secure DNS began warning me about security issues with trusted sites I have used for years. One site is an opinion polling site which Secure DNS says is suspected of being a phishing site. It is legitimately collecting information from me - with my express permission – in order to participate in opinion polls on government,products, etc.

The warning message includes an option to proceed anyway despite the"risk" if I choose to, but when I choose to go on (remember, this is a trusted site I’ve been a member of for years), I am not allowed to go on, the site is blocked and I receive the same warning message again.

So Secure DNS became a pain in the a** and at this point I wanted to remove or disable it but could find no way to do so. With increasing frustration I removed everything Comodo from my computer thinking that would solve the problem.

I searched my hard drives for everything related to Comodo0, uninstalled and removed the traces; I searched the Registry and deleted any reference to Comodo; I found a file that supposedly contained the Secure DNS application, used a DOD shredder application to thoroughly remove Secure DNS (or so I thought) but the ■■■■ thing is like a zombie and keeps coming back!

I’m fed up with Comodo for creating something that plants roots in my computer and refuses to be dislodged by any means. To me, this is the definition of a virus!

I do not want help making Secure DNS work, I do not want a bug-free update, I do not want ANY Comodo product ever again. What I DO want is simple, plain-English and IMMEDIATE instructions how to get rid of this ■■■■ Secure DNS once and for all, and I DO NOT want to resort to a clean re-install of my OS in order to do this. Comodo created this monster I demand that Comodo assist me to kill it before I decide to go viral on YouTube with my story.

Sorry for shouting, but this situation has become maddening.

Sign me Thoroughly Disgusted, angry and Determined to have satisfaction!

It’s not a virus, and it’s not coming back. It’s just not something that you can uninstall because it’s a network setting, not an application…

Anyway, look at the instructions on this page. Comodo Secure DNS

The instructions for your OS are in the right-hand column at the bottom.

Simply follow the instructions until the final step, and where it says to change the setting to Use the following DNS server addresses, instead, select the option: Obtain DNS server addresses automatically, then click OK.

Now your networking setup will be using your ISP’s DNS service.

Also, please see this topic, which is about how there is a bug in the disregard option. You need to wait a while on the page before hitting continue.

I really hope that Comodo fixes this soon, as I definitely agree with you that this is very irritating.