Serious bug after chkdsk [event 1 sr 0xC0000369]

I have find seriously bug with CFP x32 on Windows XP SP2 x86 + updates NTFS.
This bug appears when checking NTFS disk with windows on it’s installed.
Example: Windows istalled on drive D with ntfs. Now start “chkdsk d: /f” then reboot.
Starting system is hung (or BSOD) or work incorrectly after chkdsk checks finished.
Event viewer shows:
Source: sr
Type: Error
Description: The System Restore filter encountered the unexpected error “0xC0000369” while processing the file “ntuser.ini” on the volume “HarddiskVolume2”. It has stopped monitoring the volume.

Respectfully yours.

See Apparently this is fixed in the upcoming release.

Hi mrdc,

I have Windows installed on D (NTFS) and after chkdsk d: /f, then reboot i don’t experience any problems.
Do you have described issue when CFP is not installed?

Appearance of this bug depends on order of the loading drivers. Everything work perfectly only after 1st BSOD or reboot when CPF is installed.

You may wait when new version is out (this week, i guess) and check, whether it will fix issue for you. If issue won’t be fixed with new release, you may post related minidump(s) in this thread.