Separated import/export

I think it would be a good idea to separate firewall & D+ configuration import/export. That would be especially useful for notebook users which often plug their lap to ADSL in home, then go to work and plug it to LAN or go to public Wi-Fi zones. All that time the user has to switch between firewall configs but if the user is currently using 1-st configuration at home and changes some D+ rules. Then goes to work and changes config to 2nd he is forced to change that D+ rule once again and that happens over and over when there is a need to change some D+ rules. pretty annoying, don’t You think?

Absolutely Agree.

I added some ideas from this suggestion to “my” “AIO” list - Point(s) 8.2. If you have some free time please check my post if it’s fitted with your idea.

Thank you!

Suggestions for future version(s) AIO

Just saw you’re list. Impressive one :slight_smile: I agree with almost all points, hope comodo staff will take an in depth look at it! Cheers!