separate zones for Ethernet & Wireless?

I am using CPF on laptop with separate (wired) Ethernet and Wireless interfaces. When used on my home network, the 2 interfaces have different IP addresses but are on the same network.

I am trying to give different rules to the Ethernet and Wireless adaptors. Since the addresses are dynamically assigned with DHCP I don’t want to use the IP address in the network rule. Instead, I would like to specify the name of the interface in the network control rule. Is this possible?

I ran the Add Zone wizard with the Ethernet in use and Wireless disconnected, and it detected my Ethernet adaptor correctly.

Then I disconnected Ethernet, rebooted, connected Wireless (to same network as Ethernet had been connected to), and ran Add Zone wizard again. The Wireless adaptor was not detected. Plus, the rules for my Ethernet zone appear to apply to the Wireless connection as well.

I would like the rules for the Wireless adaptor to be more stringent that for wired Ethernet. Is there a way to do this?



If you are using different subnet for these adapters (static), then you could probably just define these in the rules instead of using the zones feature in Comodo.
But sure, you have a nice idea there, a better categorization of rules would be great in the future.

Possibly something like Global Rules (which apply to all adapters), and other specific rules that would go to specific adapters. (I guess it would be nice to also have something called profiles so you could quickly switch rules for a specific adapter. e.g. wireless in a cafe, etc)

Good thinking! :slight_smile:

Maybe add that wish to the Comodo wish list. :smiley: