Separate "Turn traffic animation effects on" settings for tray icon and Widget

Currently, if you disable Turn traffic animation effects on in Firewall Settings, you also lose the Traffic Pane in the Widget.

I suggest that CIS have a different setting for each place. In effect, there already are two separate settings, but they don’t exactly work separately. It is simply a matter of changing the current Firewall setting to Turn tray icon traffic animation effects on while leaving the Widget setting separate from it. Then the user can enable/disable the tray icon effects from the Firewall Settings screen, while enabling/disabling the Widget by just enabling/disabling its Traffic Pane.

+1 ;D

+1. They should have the following:

  1. show traffic animation in widget,
  2. Show Traffic animation on tray icon.


I don’t actually use the widget, but I can understand how troublesome this must be

+1 i would love this!

Just started using CIS but the tray animation is driving me nuts, please fix it as the author suggested. I want the widget stuff so just change the option to tray animation! Many of my friends dont like it either!

Ok, first of all I really am starting to “love” Comodo, however, the tray icon feels, well not 2013 to say the least. Reminds me of some kind of, hmm, red alert game in the “old” days. ???

In general this might not seem to be a huge dealbreaker but for me it makes the program at least look less legit and up to date.

In other words, I would love to remove the animation as well but at the same time keep the widget things mentioned in earlier posts.

Good idea. :-TU

+1 a good idea