Separate feeds for each forums

Would it be possible to get separate RSS feeds for the forums?
Currently only 1 RSS for all forums does exist, meaning that one who’s only interested by, let’s say, the beta forum, will be flooded by all other posts in all other forums. So having separate feeds would greatly help, and would allow one to subscribe to any forum (s)he is interesting in.


TerDale: Tx for the suggestion - we’ll look into it over the next few weeks. (Lots going on… :slight_smile: )

Hi Paulo et al,

Still in your to-do list? Any foreseen schedule?

Thanks in advance!

TerDale: Not on to-do list anymore - since it was done during the last forum upgrade. :slight_smile:

Go to the home page of the forum, check the RSS icons for each forum, and you should now have the functionality you need.

Sorry not to have updated this thread.

Hi Paulo

Hey, I missed it! Great news, thx a bunch for listening to your user (B)

TerDale: Pleasure - it’s what we try to do. :slight_smile: