Separate download page for CIS skins(or themes).

Would be nice to see a download page where the users can download the skins (e.g. check out Winamp’s pages).

wait, you mean there actually are other skins available? ;D

Only some color changes, the main GUI stays :slight_smile:


+1! :slight_smile:

+1 :smiley:


+ 1 Yes Please, so we don’t need to search 200+ pages… Again and again…

One page just and only for download skins / themes to CIS… Easy Pleasy…

But a 1000 Thanks to
John Buchanan - Global Moderator ( and DaRtH VaDeR )

for this DL Link CIS_skins.7z = a 7zip file… You can use WinRAR to extract it …

Put it in here > C:\Program Files\Comodo\Comodo Internet Security\Themes
Works in Windows XP / Vista / and Windows 7

Theme Names in this DL ;
Aero Vista - kopie.theme
Mission Aurora - kopie.theme
StolenBlk - kopie.theme
VistaCG - kopie.theme

( 775.45 KB )

Best Regards Ohke
( and 1 mill. thanks for a great Firewall and Forum )
EDIT: URL Link to direct Download

CIS 5 Themes …

Also get it from here now… :smiley: