Separate AV?

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The download page has the AV product, so is this CAVS combined AV and AS product a beta? How do it get the latest version to try?

Ean (also from Wilders forums)

Hello Ean,

Try looking at the topic below.,1458.0.html

Hi Ean,

CAVS stands for Comodo Anti - Virus and Spyware. It is an all-in-one product.

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OK, but my point was that only here in the forums is it called CAVS. On all the download pages it is called just Anti Virus. Hence my question and legitimate wondering if the AS part might be a separate beta download and not the one from the main downloads page.

But I’ve gotten private messages from technical people that it IS the same one. But that at the moment there are almost no “AS” parts active, but that is coming in the next release.


If you have gotten a private message from the techies saying that it is the same, then it is. :wink: It is really the same product. Having join Comodo for a little more than 2 weeks, I have noticed something. They are a very responsive and supportive group in the forums. However, when it comes to their website, I think they are going at a snail pace. ;D

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We call it CAVS because it does have a few antispyware definitions in the database and can function as an anti-spyware. However, it is has only the anti virus parts at the moment but, will soon have the new spyware features (and some other features) as well as improved spyware detection.


Yep! exactly right!