Sent in a possible virus from Cacheman

Just downloaded and installed Cacheman 7 from CNET. Comodo 4 caught a file from it called something like ‘simpleSV.’

I sent it in for investigation but will COMODO report back to me rather it’s a false positive or not? I really like Cacheman and would hope the programmers didn’t put something in there intentionally malicious.

I’ve got Cacheman running right now because I’m assuming ‘simpleSV’ (or whatever it’s called) is adware but not the evil type…more the ‘collecting information for sales and marketing’ type of adware.

Hi Charlie36,

Could you please submit detected file at Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year in order to verify it.


I’ve sent them through the ‘submit’ procedure built into Comodo 4 but just tried to resubmit through that link and when I browse Quarantine I’m told access is denied - is access to the quarantine folder meant to be denied?